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Mermo lux gave a bigger role to the natural rock.
Products are efficient, economical and aesthetic (3xE).

MHS-L radiators 3 cm  is product for use in your houses, office and other indoor spaces.

Made from high-quality material radiators contain two replaceable temperature sensors to actively prevent any chance of them overheating, guaranteeing your safety.
All MHS-L radiators  are made from a single piece of natural stone in different type of stone like marble, granite, travertin and designed for connection to a standard electrical circuit and regular room thermostat.
All radiators can be fitted either vertically or horizontally.

The advantages of MHS-L electric radiators are:

  • Efficient heating
  • Healthy heating (no air, no dust, no burns)
  • Aesthetic fitting with every interior
  • Energy saving
  • Small installed power
  • Remote switching possibility

Custom-made radiators

In addition to 200 different radiators types that make up our standard offer, we offer and custom-made radiators. Different design, shape, power, dimension or radiators with your text are all products we offer to our customers.

MHS-L 3 cm technical characteristics :

* The actual heating capacity depends on a number of factors that define the insulation coefficient of the object.
* The product weight depends on the selected material.

Plate thickness:
3 cm
5 years
Material & Color:
Color palette
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