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In order to improve the safety of goods transport, Mermo lux performs the packaging of an individual product as well as a range of pallets.

Safety in terms of transporting goods is our imperative. For this, it is crucial, above all, to be an adequate means of transport, but also the process of loading or unloading of goods. For these needs, we can proudly emphasize cooperation with the world’s leading transport companies (DHL, Post Serbia, DSV, Dexpres, Gebruder weiss, etc.) as well as adequate equipment and machinery for unloading / loading of goods.

Every transport goods require a special type of insurance for safe transport.
We transport our products both in the country and abroad.
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For 30 years of growth and development we have advanced in the direction of better, professional and quality business. With a high-quality and innovative approach we managed to impose itself as a leader in the production of marble radiators.
Tome Kostića str.109, 16000 Leskovac, Srbija
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